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Twig Cookbook

Using Twig vars in live type #

Imagine this scenario, I let the users set this in the Admin panel:

Copyright {{year}} by Upstatement, LLC. All Rights Reserved

But on the site I want it to render as:

Copyright 2013 by Upstatement, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Ready? There are a bunch of ways, but my favorite is:

In your PHP file

$data['year'] = date('Y');
$data['copyright'] = get_option("footer_message"); //"Copyright {{year}} by Upstatement, LLC. All Rights Reserved"
render_twig('footer.twig', $data);

In your HTML file (let's say footer.twig)

{% include template_from_string(copyright) %}

Includes #

Simple include #

{% include "footer.twig" %}

Notes #

  • Make sure your file actually exists or you're going to have a bad time
  • Timber will look in your child-theme/views directory first, then timber/views directory
  • Don't forget the quote marks!

Dynamic includes #

Use a variable to determine the included file!

{% include ['blocks/block-'~block.slug~'.twig', 'blocks/blog.twig'] ignore missing %}


  • You're telling Twig to include an array of files
  • Same rules as above
  • ~ (tilde) is what twig uses to concatenate a string with your variable