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The Timber\Archives class is used to generate a menu based on the date archives of your posts.

The Nieman Foundation News site has an example of how the output can be used in a real site (screenshot).


$context['archives'] = new Timber\Archives( $args );


{% for item in archives.items %}
<li><a href="{{item.link}}">{{item.name}}</a></li>
{% for child in item.children %}
<li class="child"><a href="{{child.link}}">{{child.name}}</a></li>
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}


<li class="child">May</li>
<li class="child">April</li>
<li class="child">March</li>
<li class="child">February</li>
<li class="child">January</li>
<li class="child">December</li>
<li class="child">November</li>
<li class="child">October</li>

Overview #

This class extends Timber\Core

Properties #

$itemsarrayThe items of the archives to iterate through and markup for your page.

Methods #

NameReturn TypeSummary/Returns
__construct()Build an Archives menu
get_items()array or stringGets archive items.
items()array or string

Class Methods #

__construct() #

Build an Archives menu

__construct( array $args = null, string $base = '' )

$argsarrayOptional. Array of arguments.

  • $show_year
    bool false
  • $
  • $type
    string 'monthly-nested'
  • $limit
    int -1
  • $show_post_count
    bool false
  • $order
    string 'DESC'
  • $post_type
    string 'post'
  • $show_year
    bool false
  • $nested
    bool false
$basestringAny additional paths that need to be prepended to the URLs that are generated, for example: "tags". Default ''.

get_items() #

Gets archive items.

DEPRECATED since 2.0.0, use {{ archives.items }} instead.

see Timber\Archives::items()

get_items( mixed $args = null )

Returns: array|string

items() #

items( array|string $args = null )

Returns: array|string

$argsarray or stringOptional. Array of arguments.