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Timber includes its own wp timber command for WP-CLI, the WordPress Command Line Interface.

Preparations #

Before you can use the CLI, you need to install WP-CLI separately.

Commands #

You can run the following CLI commands from the root directory of your WordPress installation.

If you need help with a command, use wp help timber or wp help timber <command>, e.g. wp help timber clear-cache.

wp timber clear-cache #

Clears Timber and Twig caches. Runs Timber\Cache\Cleaner::clear_cache() in the background.

# Clear all caches.
wp timber clear-cache

# Clear Timber caches.
wp timber clear-cache timber

# Clear Twig caches.
wp timber clear-cache twig

Contributing commands #

If you want to contribute more commands, we’re happy to receive pull requests to the Timber repository.