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There’s tons of stuff you can do with Twig and Timber filters to make complex transformations easy (and fun).

Dates #

Example 1: Bylines #

Timber does bylines like a boss:

<p class="byline">
<span class="name">By {{ post.author.name }}</span>
<span class="date">{{ post.post_date|date('F j, Y') }}</span>


<p class="byline"><span class="name">By Mr. WordPress</span><span class="date">September 28, 2013</span></p>

Nothing is worse than an out-of-date copyright year in the footer. Nothing.

<p class="copyright">&copy; {{ now|date('Y') }} by {{ bloginfo('name') }}</p>


<footer><p class="copyright">&copy; 2015 by The Daily Orange</p></footer>

Standard transforms #

Run WordPress’ auto-paragraph filter #

<p class="content">{{ post.my_custom_text|wpautop }}</p>

Run WordPress shortcodes over a block of text #

<p class="content">{{ post.my_custom_text|shortcodes }}</p>

Code samples #

Code Samples? Lord knows I’ve got ’em:

<div class="code-sample">{{ post.code_samples|pretags }}</div>

Calling PHP functions inside of your templates #

WordPress template:

<p class="entry-meta"><?php twentytwelve_entry_meta(); ?></p>

Twig template:

<p class="entry-meta">{{ function('twentytwelve_entry_meta') }}</p>

You can read more about using functions in the Functions guide.