Via (easy)

You can grab the all-things-included plugin at either through the WordPress site or through the Plugins menu in the backend. Then skip ahead to using the starter theme.

Via GitHub (for developers)

The GitHub version of Timber requires Composer. If you’d prefer one-click installation, you should use the version.

Run the following Composer command from within your theme’s root directory:

composer require timber/timber

If you’re using the starter theme, a composer.json file is already included, so you can run the following command instead:

composer install

If you’re not using the starter theme or your theme is not setup to pull in Composer’s autoload file, you will need to add the following at the top of your functions.php file to load the Composer dependencies (including Timber), and initialize Timber.


require_once( __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php' );
$timber = new Timber\Timber();

Use the starter theme

The starter theme is for starting a project from scratch. You can also use Timber in an existing theme.

Like where twentyeleven and twentytwelve live. The Timber Starter Theme will live at the same level.

/wp-content/themes  /twentyeleven

You should now have:


You should probably rename this to something better.

1. Activate Timber

It will be in wp-admin/plugins.php.

2. Select your theme in WordPress

Make sure you select the Timber-enabled theme after you activate the plugin. The theme will crash unless Timber is activated. Use the timber-starter-theme theme from the step above (or whatever you renamed it to).

3. Let’s write our theme!

Continue ahead in part 2 about Theming.