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Installation #

Via WordPress.org (easy) #

You can grab the all-things-included plugin at WordPress.org either through the WordPress site or through the Plugins menu in the backend. Then skip ahead to using the starter theme.

Via GitHub (for developers) #

The GitHub version of Timber requires Composer. If you'd prefer one-click installation, you should use the WordPress.org version.

composer require timber/timber

If your theme is not setup to pull in Composer’s autoload file, you will need to add the following at the top of your functions.php file:


require_once( __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php' );

Initialize Timber with:


$timber = new Timber\Timber();

Use the starter theme #

The starter theme is for starting a project from scratch. You can also use Timber in an existing theme.

Like where twentyeleven and twentytwelve live. The Timber Starter Theme will live at the same level.

/wp-content/themes	/twentyeleven

You should now have:


You should probably rename this to something better.

1. Activate Timber #

It will be in wp-admin/plugins.php.

2. Select your theme in WordPress #

Make sure you select the Timber-enabled theme after you activate the plugin. The theme will crash unless Timber is activated. Use the timber-starter-theme theme from the step above (or whatever you renamed it to).

3. Let’s write our theme! #

Continue ahead in part 2 about Theming.